Life Is Not About Cool Or Money

XLife is not about cool and it’s not about money. It’s about growing up our spiritual selves.

IT’S ALL ABOUT TRUTH … seeking truth, finding truth, applying truth, correcting errors, then continuing to seek and refine our understanding of truth.

We all live in our private inner selves. A lot of our inner self we don’t know because it’s beneath awareness. Then we also live in the river of the outer world … the river of life.

Inside in our minds and outside in the river we are constantly coming upon both truth and trash … AS THOUGH it’s all true.

We go on the assumption that everything our minds tell us is true and all the stuff the river brings us is also presented as true but it’s not. It’s truth and trash mixed together.

So life is about sorting out the truth and the trash.

We mess this up all the time. We get it wrong. We think the truth is trash and the trash is truth.

So life and psychotherapy and waking up and growing spiritually and “finding the Father’s way” all involve learning what’s truth and what’s trash.

This is creating spiritual gold.

Most everyone agrees that life is not about money and also life is not about being cool but not REALLY … they don’t believe it very much. You can tell they don’t REALLY agree because they spend great mountains of attention and energy struggling over money and trying to be cool or fashionable … gaining the approval of the others in their lives. Very little do they REALIZE that life is about growing our spiritual selves. We don’t REALLY understand much about what that means. It means creating spiritual gold.

Here close to the beginning let me say that the experience of creating spiritual gold is the ULTIMATE in wonderfulness. It is the greatest experience of all and is at the heart of all positive experience even though sometimes the wonderfulness is muted or hidden because we don’t understand or we can’t keep from focusing on the negative threads.

Spiritual gold is TRUE gold … much more truly valuable than that old physical gold you find at the bottom of a creek or deep in a mountain. Personal, spiritual development is at the heart of life and it’s involved in a huge variety of experiences … actually ALL experiences. It’s really what life is about and the satisfaction, progress, benefit, and happiness it brings is greater than what comes from ANY other source of those things.



At the same time let me say that life is not about happiness, it’s about struggle. If you struggle well you may get some happiness.

“Heart of Gold”

I want to live,
I want to give
I’ve been a miner
for a heart of gold.
It’s these expressions
I never give
That keep me searching
for a heart of gold
And I’m getting old.
Keeps me searching
for a heart of gold
And I’m getting old

– Neil Young -.



There is a slow moving awakening in the field of psychotherapy and it is that psychotherapy is REALLY about the development of the spirit. Something that goes along with this is a realization that spiritual development is not THE SAME THING as religion. All of the religions are pretty old and though they are usually RELATED to spiritual development and have a tendency to somewhat awaken people spiritually they don’t do a very good job of helping people know what spirituality is or how to work with it and grow it within themselves. Religions tend to put forth ossified, legalistic, and authority based systems. These tend to involve negative, fear based, routinized, and superstitious beliefs about the spiritual realities. Thus, they can greatly hamper spiritual development.



Creating spiritual gold is about transforming negatives into positives. It is growth producing, health enhancing, and forward moving.

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