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We Can Learn How To Make Our Spirits Golden

Life is about growing our spiritual selves … our TRUE selves. But we’re so involved in American materialism we don’t understand what it means or how to do it. Creating Spiritual Gold is about learning what it means TO TRULY become yourself … THEN ACTUALLY DO IT!”

This website is dedicated to helping people find a clearer, fuller understanding of “spirituality” (their emotional self) and who they are as a spiritual being. We seek to help folks grow and enhance the quality of the spiritual being that they are thus improving the quality of life not just for themselves but also for all of their human brothers and sisters here on earth.



Spiritual advancement brings about the experience of SUBLIME UNCERTAINTY. Spiritual development unfolds in levels and the more developed we become the better we get in areas like patience, freedom, wisdom, good judgement, strength, humility, accurate self-review, and SERVICE. One of the most INCREDIBLE signs of our progress is that we become more and more positive about the UNCERTAINTY that completely surrounds each of us and permeates our entire lives. Eventually we come to know uncertainty in a SUBLIME way.



What are the characteristics of someone who is developed and developing spiritually?
To paraphrase:

Spiritual development brings better bearing of responsibility, learning to carry on in the face of disappointment, bearing up bravely when plans are thwarted or one’s purposes are temporarily defeated.  It means learning to be fair and just even in the face of injustice, adjusting ideals of spiritual living to the practical demands of earthly existence, planning for the achievement of a higher and more distant goal while toiling for the attainment of nearer and immediate goals of necessity.  It involves acquiring the art of adjusting aspirations to the commonplace demands of the human situation, mastering the technique of using spiritual drive energy to motivate material achievement, living the heavenly life while continuing on with the earthly existence, depending upon the ultimate guidance of God while guiding and directing our brothers and sisters here on earth, wresting victory from the very jaws of defeat and transforming the difficulties of time into the triumphs of eternity!

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