We Are Spiritual Beings

“We are spiritual beings having a human experience, not human beings having a spiritual experience.” Teilhard De Chardin

Spiritual development is about SEEING and BEING who we REALLY are. We are children of God, living forever, who cannot REALLY be hurt.

Spiritual development is not about how others see us and it’s not about being a goody-2-shoes or learning to speak some holy language. It’s about increasing our becoming of the one whom we are and are to be. It’s about becoming more and more familiar with our spiritual core and the spiritual part of the whole creation.

The inner spiritual area is very different from the outer physical world. It values things differently. It works differently. There are a lot of things to learn about the spiritual part of life. We have to wake up and use some intention to begin to get it.

Spiritual development is about spiritual awakening … waking up to truly being an eternal child of God. It’s not about getting things we want to happen or “come” to us. It’s about finding the right or best life path.

People in our society are OVER-trained and OVER-focused in the outer, physical body and the outer, physical world. We glibly think of it as our home.

We spend very little time intentionally understanding or learning about our inner, spiritual self and our inner spiritual world … the center of ourself, the one living in our home.

We know this spiritual part of us VERY intimately. It contains our values, motivations, and emotions. The inner is the world of being. It’s where who we are is.

Paradoxically though, we know ourselves very well while at the same time we HARDLY know ourselves at all.

We lack REALIZATION of how the inner world works. We tend to just leave it on automatic and let it run itself. We miss the hidden truth about spiritual awakening.

We lose faith in our own positivity down in our deep mind. We become depressed and afraid. We unintentionally and unconsciously realize ourselves as negative … not positive.


Spiritual Development = awakening = psychotherapy = learning about psychology and using it to make improvement.


Many use the word “spiritual” these days but it’s hard to know what they mean. Everyone seems to assume that it’s a clearly defined word but it’s not. The general definition is quite vague. We don’t really know or agree upon what it means.

Here in this writing we define SPIRITUAL as having to do with the inner, personal, spiritual arena we all know so well. It is NOT physical. It is inside us. Our being is centered there. We all know this inner arena better than we know anything. Yet it keeps surprising us. We seem to sort of be lost about it.

We also have an outer, physical arena and a mental, verbal arena, but the inner SPIRITUAL arena is the VERY familiar inner arena where we “BE” the spiritual being whom we are.

We seem to invariably go to sleep and remain asleep to the incredible profundiity of what it means to be a spiritual being. It is so important but we seem to think we’re supposed to ignore it.