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People are constantly thinking their life is about something that it’s not and missing what it’s really about. Finding what it’s REALLY ABOUT is creating spiritual gold.



The creation of spiritual gold is the attainment of a state of being that is unselfish, positive, loving … ready to extend grace. When it requires being hard, it’s the BEST hard … FOR the best. It involves becoming aware of THE HEART OF NOW and its BEST alternatives … seeing ALL that is important. Jim Elliot said, “Where you are, be ALL there.” Ram Das said, “BE HERE NOW.”



Creating spiritual gold is what you’re doing in your life right now … now and always.

Everything you do each moment of your life contributes to the creation of your spiritual gold.

It always goes slow … slow enough to make you impatient. But if you pay no attention it goes even slower.

It may go slower than that or even slower than that, depending on how asleep you are. It may go PAINFULLY slow.

If you’re almost not awake at all it may be horribly slow.

If you’re creating crap instead of gold, you’re going backward and that’s REALLY slow.

Your next step is to get turned around and start moving forward again.

Since this reality is eternal and so are we, it is inevitable that you will make progress toward creating spiritual gold.



Those who espouse the “Big Bang” theory as an “explanation” for reality suffer from an error of assumption in the deep mind. It is the wrong assumption that there must be a beginning. The human mind is simply unable to grasp and use a working concept of eternity. Yet, at a deep intuitive place, most everyone knows that we’re living in an eternal system and we ourselves are eternal.



Creating spiritual gold is the same thing as becoming your real self.

Creating spiritual gold means becoming more and more who you REALLY are and are to be.



If you pay no attention to your spiritual development you become someone who doesn’t care about spiritual development.



What IS spiritual gold?
How does it feel?
Take a minute and imagine it for yourself.
Spiritual gold is all about quality – high quality,
The quality of your words,
The quality of your actions,
The quality of who you are.



Of course, the only thing that REALLY matters is how golden your spirit is.

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It doesn’t matter what other people think.

It doesn’t matter what car you drive. It doesn’t matter how you look or what house you live in. It doesn’t matter what other people say behind your back.

If your spirit is awake and tracking with what is truly real, you will take care of all of these things in the exact way they need to be taken care of.

The key to creating spiritual gold is in learning to REALLY ACCURATELY assess your underlying emotional/spiritual orientation or basic state of being.

It’s about the very bottom line of what’s going on in your heart and it is typical for people to not SEE this level. Or they seriously misinterpret it so they see it differently from how it really is.

Seeing self ACCURATELY is about seeing the RUTHLESS TRUTH … the things you don’t want to see.

Most people can NOT do this very well. They think they can but they can’t. Their TRUE underlying emotional orientation is at the very back (or bottom) of their mind on the most shadowy edge of awareness.

It is the level of their most basic value system and its related assumptions about what is true and real.

The VAST majority of people don’t see these things. They ignore them or deny them or misinterpret them … pretty much all the time.

If you’re somewhat or even A BIT adamantly telling yourself this message does not apply to you, then you’re probably wrong. I probably AM talking about things that DO apply to you.

You may think if you feel depressed or angry or anxious and you can get in touch with that feeling then you are assessing your true underlying emotional orientation but you are not.

There is thinking, nonverbal thinking, erroneous assumptional thinking going on in your deep mind that CAUSES the feeling you’re in touch with.

You are feeling depressed because down deep you are feeling bad about yourself and/or afraid of life.

Because of your egoic expectations you secretly (probably beneath awareness) see yourself as inadequate or replete with weakness and/or you think you SHOULD be much more wonderful than this..

You feel bad because you feel your self-importance is being devalued or you are COMPETING either with some other person(s) or some standard you feel you don’t compare very well with.

Then there is also deep down basic fear. You’re afraid because of some belief you have about reality being empty or meaningless or possibly coming to an end or maybe you’re afraid because of one of these comparisons we’re talking about.

The most BASIC underlying emotional orientation is deep down at the very bottom line of your emotional/spiritual state of being.

It is “where you’re coming from.” It is based on judgments you are making that come from your true value system at the time. It forms the BASIC EMOTIONAL CONTEXTUAL COLORING of WHO YOU ARE AND WHAT YOU DO.

It has to do with how much you are oriented toward proving, bolstering, and forwarding your personal self-importance.

Or it has to do with how much you are oriented toward BASIC competition … proving that you are better than someone else, anyone else, everyone else … believing way down deep in your assumptions that you HAVE to be better … MUST be.

This competition means you feel (without

noticing) that it is VERY important that you be better than some specific person or some other whole group of people, like those who drive German cars or those who graduated from Ivy League schools or those who are part of any one of thousands of other definable groups.

If you believe this basic underlying competition is fine and right and should not be something for you to work to diminish then you miss the major part of spiritual developmental work.

The word “spiritual” is really fuzzy and vague. Everyone uses it but there’s no real agreement about what it means. When I use it here I am referring to the inner spiritual area where we all live — where “who we are” is.

We are all spiritual beings and we are centered in an inner spiritual area that we EXPERIENCE virtually ALL of the time.

Spiritual development is THE MAIN THING in EVERYBODY … you, me, all of our friends, all of our enemies, the people on the other side of the world, people of all colors and cultures, EVERYBODY.

We are PRIMARILY spiritual beings even though SO MUCH of our life takes place in the outer world. Our spiritual being sets the drum beat for the WHOLE of our life … mind, body, spirit … and it’s a VERY psychological part of us.

Realizations are expansions of our spiritual selves and they are among the most important things in our lives. Follow the link below to find and read a delightful little story that demonstrates the importance of realization in our lives.

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We are PRIMARILY spiritual beings even though SO MUCH of our life takes place in the outer world. Our spiritual being sets the drum beat for the WHOLE of our life … mind, body, spirit … and it’s a VERY psychological part of us.

Realizations are expansions of our spiritual selves and they are among the most important things in our lives. Follow the link below to find and read a delightful little story that demonstrates the importance of realization in our lives.

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Our realizations define our lives.

The other day I was talking with some people and I asked if they ever think about their eternalness as they go through their everyday life. They all said NO.

I said something in wonderment about that and they said it’s not normal to think about one’s eternalness on a daily basis. I said it’s not? It’s not ABNORMAL is it? Why is it seen as not normal?

Isn’t it mostly because people aren’t usually thinking “on that level” during daily life? That’s a bigger (or higher) level than where we are when we’re operating in the mundane, worrisome, petty, gossipy, acrimonious, sometimes nasty and cheap daily level.

A great mass of people in contemporary life seem to have sort of unthought about background assumptions that think there’s something weak and escapist or pretentious or pseudo-religious about taking eternalness seriously.

So, in order to think seriously and “really” about eternalness in everyday life we have to look straight at it and bring it into the front of our minds where we can deal with it consciously and logically (or, at least we think we’re being logical).

But some people have more friendly assumptions toward eternalness and they are more likely to think about it more frequently during a regular day.

As the human race advances and eternalness becomes more real it will be more and more normal to consider it in more situations. It’s a matter of REALIZING our eternalness.

As we grow it becomes more real. As it becomes more real it has more bearing and more relevance to other parts of our lives. We don’t see so many things as life threatening or even importantly challenging.

In a context of eternalness being REAL we don’t feel so urgent about so much stuff. We don’t even find a lot of stuff interesting like we used to.

Anyway, in the situation I was in I suggested all the people try it during the week. I said, ” try to REALIZE that you are eternal and see if it affects your perspective on things.”

I’d like to propose that you do this too. Pay attention to how much you believe eternalness is real and how much you doubt that it is. See that the more you doubt it the less real it is and the less real it is the less meaning it has and the less you are interested in paying attention to it or changing your position because of it.



There is much to learn (become aware of) that so easily escapes us about how the inner world works and what it means … how we grow and develop in our inner self. Paying attention to this WHOLE self is very important.

Yet we tend to miss it. It’s so basic, such a familiar, fundamental part of us that we remain asleep to it. It stays hidden and it operates in mysterious ways.

If we don’t pay attention to the inner spiritual stuff and how it works it can throw us off and really mess us up. If we live an everyday life in constant conflict, contention and “beat them before they beat you,” we become less and less able to develop our spirits in a positive way.

If we leave our spiritual self alone it becomes involved with confirming and solidifying erroneous inner assumptions, assumptions of egotism, neediness, and delusions of self-importance.

Then our inner spirit will mess us up. It can do that and it has a tendency to at least do that somewhat to each of us even if we DO understand it fairly well.

Though our spirituality can seem strange or exotic, spiritual development is not something strange or exotic. It seems that way because we emphasize and grow ourselves in OTHER directions that are incompatible with spiritual development directions.

But spiritual development is REALLY at the very heart of our lives … everything we do each day … getting up in the morning, walking down the street, being in that workplace everyday, sitting in the chair, preparing and eating a meal, working out, having sex, imagining or wishing for something, praying, selling or doing business, condemning or being negative about someone, arguing or scheming or power struggling with someone … everything we do directly impacts our spiritual being.

It all comes from our spiritual self (WHO we are) and it all contributes to our spiritual self. This page is about how that spiritual self can be made golden.



This all VERY MUCH has to do with YOU.



The key to creating spiritual gold is also the key to psychotherapy and the key to bringing about personal spiritual growth in our lives. It is HIGH QUALITY AWARENESS, an awareness act that can well be described as waking up or paying better attention. It tells the highest quality truth we can muster … the RUTHLESS TRUTH. An excellent example of waking up is a realization.



Awareness is the key to everything. It is the first ability. It is the knowing ability of being. All other abilities are built on it. There are two major things about awareness:
1.) AWARENESS MOVES AROUND. You can move it or it will move itself.


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The spiritual part of life gets talked about a lot in our society but people don’t really seem to know much about it.

We all kinda know that it’s important but then we don’t REALLY seem to know it … we don’t act on it.

Spirituality kind of continues as a vague, mysterious thing.

Spiritual reality actually has to do with everything but there is a very specific spiritual/emotional/psychological area we all live in. It’s so familiar we don’t notice it.

Even though it is very familiar it is, paradoxically, something we tend to leave alone and stay away from. We’re not comfortable with it.

It seems to mean something different to everyone. To some people spiritual stuff is all peculiar and unusual and sort of exotic. It’s stuff that happens to us by the action of providence … or maybe it’s just coincidence. To others it’s very fair game to be doubted and pooh poohed.

Here, in this lens, spiritual development is not exotic. It is not just for thrill seekers or those who are bored. It’s the realest, most common, most everyday thing there is.




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