Creating Spiritual Gold

We Can Learn How To Make Our Spirits Golden

Life is about growing our spiritual selves … our TRUE selves. But we’re so involved in American materialism we don’t understand what it means or how to do it. Creating Spiritual Gold is about learning what it means TO TRULY become yourself … THEN ACTUALLY DO IT!”

This website is dedicated to helping people find a clearer, fuller understanding of “spirituality” (their emotional self) and who they are as a spiritual being. We seek to help folks grow and enhance the quality of the spiritual being that they are thus improving the quality of life not just for themselves but also for all of their human brothers and sisters here on earth.

Spiritual advancement brings about the experience of SUBLIME UNCERTAINTY. Spiritual development unfolds in levels and the more developed we become the better we get in areas like patience, freedom, wisdom, good judgement, strength, humility, accurate self-review, and SERVICE. One of the most INCREDIBLE signs of our progress is that we become more and more positive about the UNCERTAINTY that completely surrounds each of us and permeates our entire lives. Eventually we come to know uncertainty in a SUBLIME way.



What are the characteristics of someone who is developed and developing spiritually?
To paraphrase:

Spiritual development brings better bearing of responsibility, learning to carry on in the face of disappointment, bearing up bravely when plans are thwarted or one’s purposes are temporarily defeated, learning to be fair and just even in the face of injustice, adjusting ideals of spiritual living to the practical demands of earthly existence, planning for the achievement of a higher and more distant goal while toiling for the attainment of nearer and immediate goals of necessity, acquiring the art of adjusting aspirations to the commonplace demands of the human situation, mastering the technique of using spiritual drive energy to motivate material achievement, living the heavenly life while continuing on with the earthly existence, depending upon the ultimate guidance of God while guiding and directing our brothers and sisters here on earth, wresting victory from the very jaws of defeat and transforming the difficulties of time into the triumphs of eternity!

Inner context is everything! It is the values, attitudes, motivations, and mythologies that organize the backs of our minds and determine everything we feel, think, and do.

Inner context is our personal model of reality and while it contains a lot of truth it is also filled with mistakes, biases, distortions, and foolishness.

Living good and getting better is about finding and correcting our errors, especially the ones we live by every day and have been living by for a long time.

This process creates spiritual gold.

Jesus met a women at a well in Samaria, outside of Sychar. He asked her for a drink and she was shocked that he, a Jewish male, would speak to her, a woman from Samaria. It wasn’t done. Seeing her reaction he told her about the creation of spiritual gold. He essentially said, “If you knew me for who I really am, you would ask of me and I would give you rivers of living water that would well up within you.”

To create spiritual gold is to engage in transformation – slowly transforming our personal, spiritual selves from being spiritual lead to being spiritually golden – from being asleep to being awake.

Creating spiritual gold means exercising and improving our emotional intelligence. All of our behavior – inner, outer, and mental – has an emotional/spiritual background with a particular quality and force. It determines and drives the exact details of all that we do, say, or feel.

We make this spiritual improvement by seeing what we have not been seeing about ourselves. Or maybe we see more clearly what we’ve been seeing in a fuzzy, distorted, or “I don’t care” kind of way. In other words, we wake up and see what’s truly important.

Waking up is REALLY what life is about.

We all live in a personal, private, secret world. We know it better than anyone else could possibly know it. Others tend to think our inner realm is shallow and empty – unlike theirs.

Their own inner world seems to them to be fully alive, deep, vibrant, and whole, but they don’t think about why theirs is so much more full and real than ours. They don’t see that ours IS as fully alive and whole as theirs.

The personal, inner self is like Merlin’s cave. The regular passerby looks at the entrance to the cave and thinks it’s just another cave … cold, dark, and dank. But if he goes in he is completely surprised by this bright, dazzling room made of crystals.

Now he sees that the cave is really quite different from how it looked outside. But still it is not to him what it is to Merlin. Merlin is at home in the crystal room. He understands it and knows how to use it to bring forth his wisdom and his magic.

Our secret inner world is our crystal cave. It is the area of who we are. It’s where who we are lives. We tend to fill it with hopes and wants and fears and dreams. We fill it with frameworks and notions about the natures and details of the things that matter in our lives.

We think these things are very real. But the inner world’s REAL realness is it’s apparent emptiness – it’s free openness to awareness of the NOW – the awareness room of the present.

Creating Spiritual Gold is about high quality advancement and development of the inner self who lives in this NOW AWARENESS ROOM.

The basic technique for creating spiritual gold is to learn to SEE and tell ourselves “the ruthless truth” about what’s really going on inside, particularly down in the deep unconscious where our values and emotions (motivations) are churning. Then we use our wisdom and our will to shape ourselves and our behavior into being the one whom we believe it is right for us to be.